As a film maker I am hugely inspired by the movie "greats" and love to add a cinematic quality to all of my shots. Video is a great tool for communicating a message or for recording memories. I also have experience of directing and writing short films and have previously had one of my scripts performed on stage. As a young(ish!) creative myself, I am passionate about supporting the creative arts so if you have a project in mind and you need a script writer or a videographer then get in touch!

Video projects can seem like much more of a commitment and I understand that and will include you in all aspects of the film making process to make sure that you are getting what you envisioned. There are no hidden costs and no unexpected financial surprises! To keep things simple, I currently charge £20 per hour for all filming and editing. Every project begins with a free consultation where I can get a better idea of what your vision is, discuss you budget and give an estimation for how much the overall fees will be before we even start. Overall costs may depend on factors like the length of the video and whether it is a shot at a single location or in multiple places. I am happy to discuss these further over email or at a consultation!