The Return Of St Barnabas Church

The inside of a church has so many photographic possibilities. You have the open space, high ceilings, and all sorts of colourful light sources to capture. I got all that and then some when I stepped into St Barnabas in Gloucester yesterday.

The amazing St Barnabas team have a lot to contend with at the moment. As COVID lockdown restrictions begin to slowly ease they have found themselves having to drastically change the way their congregation can come in for services and prayer. The church can now only accommodate nine chairs to keep in accordance with social distancing practices. People will be required to walk very specific routes through the building. This could potentially be a very alien experience to some. This is why I came in to take some photos. As part of the Church’s communications team (thank you again to all that have been so accommodating!) I came with my partner Ellie with the intention of being able to demonstrate how the Church can still be a place of worship. The result is some images that I am incredibly proud of. Some were taken to help establish the new logistics of Church life as seen below:

The rest required a little bit of help from the ever fantastic Ellie. The hope was to convey that even when alone and even in a protective mask, a spiritual experience is still achievable for all who want it…

I'd like to take this moment to express my deepest admiration for everyone working behind the scenes at St Barnabas. The immense level of dedication and hard work that they are currently putting in is what makes the reopening of the church in any way possible at all. Feel free to see the fruits of their efforts like video services, prayers and talks, on the Official St Barnabas Facebook Page.

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