Presenting Talks with Barry Jackson of Aspire Academy

It my sincerest pleasure to be able to share some videos that I completed recently for a great business on a worthwhile mission. Mr Barry Jackson is the director of Aspire Academy, and he provides advice on career interview strategies to secondary schoolers. I met with Barry a few weeks ago to discuss the prospect of creating some videos to go with the refurbishment of his website. While I sat there, 6ft away on a bench in Churchdown, I listened to him share with me the story of how his business came to be.

I was talking to a man that left a three decade career in corporate pharmaceuticals, knowing full well that it would effect his retirement plans, so that he could dedicate himself to preparing young people to take on the brutality of the modern job market. What would compel such a change? He was moved by the story of a girl who served him at the tills at the supermarket. She had dedicated years of her life and thousands of pounds into achieving a 2:1 degree, only to find out that a minimum wage service job is the best that she could get for herself.

This was the kind of man I was dealing with. He was a man motivated by a sincere drive to achieve real good. He told me his story, business strategies and the principles behind what he teaches. I was gripped by how he spoke. He was a natural storyteller with a clear abundance of passion for his work. I knew there and then that I’d be striving to translate that experience listening to him on that bench into film. These three videos are the result of these efforts. Here you’ll be able to see Barry run us through some lessons in interview strategy, preparation, and the story behind Aspire.

If you're a parent saddled with angst over your teenager's future then I couldn't recommend reaching out to Aspire Academy enough. One conversation with Barry will leave you with the same profound feeling of admiration for his work that I had. As of writing this the new Aspire website is yet to be launched but you can find the company facebook page through this link here.

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