COVID-19: Photographing Isolation

Welcome to the new website everyone. Given the amount of extra time we're all finding ourselves with I thought an upgrade would be in order... Right now we're living a strange climate. The global outbreak of COVID-19 has meant that we have been forced to exercise isolation and social distancing in the UK. Obviously this represents a real disruption to a lot of people's professional lives. As a visual creative I've been no exception to this. Carrying on with business as usual is somewhat difficult when you can't meet with clients or models to shoot.

Still, needs must. So while keeping in with government guidelines of taking my one walk with a member of the same household, I thought I could try and capture some images that really convey a sense of the times we're in. Protective masks and not another figure in sight conveys how everyday activities have become uncanny to so many of us. A mural to thank the NHS outside the Tewkesbury Boys Brigade also presented an apt backdrop to express how the country is feeling. .

Stay strong, everyone, and stay safe.

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