Client Retrospective: Cotswold Education

It's always a fun experience looking back on work that you are proud of and marks a notable period in your creative or professional journey. The material that I've produced for Cotswold Education is this exact kind of work for me.

Cotswold Education is a family run business stationed in Gloucestershire. What they do is prepare primary school children for the 11 plus grammar school exams through mock tests, dynamic activities and bespoke reports to parents. They were the first organisation to take me on to create promotional content for them. Since that first meeting in a Gloucester cafe I have produced masses of images and a few different videos to advertise their services and events.

The above video is my first commissioned piece of work for Cotswold Education. It involved holding interviews with staff and past customers, sharing their experiences with the company. It also involved a lot of shooting on location and using footage from previous events. I would then subsequently edit in my own footage from their educational events as I attended them. This is the final result.

Below you'll also be able to see a video that I did for the Cotswold Education summer HUB event...

My working relationship with Cotswold Education will always have a special place in my heart. They have been so good to me, essentially giving me my start. You can find more information (along with a few other pieces of content I've made for them) on their website.

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