offer portraiture to meet all sorts of needs: whether they be individual headshots, portraits for the family or any other group  or even a shoot for the lovely pets in your life. Shoots can be done in the great outdoors, or inside in a controlled studio environment with a professional lighting setup. 


Events & Business

Are you a business looking for a photo series to promote what you do? Perhaps you're looking to document an event that you have going on. It's hugely important to get a photographer that can be unobtrusive during the shoot, leading to a visually pleasing and natural image that really shows off what your business offers and stands for. This is exactly what you get when you come to APC Presents for this style of shooting. 


Street Photography

Below you can see pieces of my street photography work, taken candidly on location. Here we can see them as even more examples of my approach of capturing true to life moments in action. 

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