Through APC Presents, I pride myself on creating meaningful and professional relationships with businesses and charities for one-off commissions or for a long term projects. All projects begin with a consultation session so that I can learn more about who you are as a business and the ethos of your company to enable me to create content that you are proud to display to your potential and current customers. All photographic and video content is tailored to your needs and purposes so for any enquiries, get in touch or watch the video below!
All events take a lot of planning, regardless of how big or small it is! Capturing the moment in video or photography is a great way of looking back at your success and having materials to promote future ones. Maybe you have organised a public event, a fundraising event or you are running small events for your business. Whatever it is, don't let that hard work go to waste! 
 Media for Marketing 
In an increasingly digital age, media content is a great way of drawing attention to your business and making a lasting impression. Having a stock of good quality photos for your website, social media and leaflets/brochures is really helpful when you are doing your own advertising. Add a personal feel by using stock photos of your own business, anything from close ups of products you have to photos of the day to day running of your business.
Promotional Videos
Video is a great way of communicating with your clients and audience to start creating that relationship that will keep them coming back to you. Great videos don't need a huge budget to make beautiful and impactful shots that clearly convey your company's ethos and purpose. 
Video projects can seem like much more of a commitment and I understand that and will include you in all aspects of the film making process to make sure that you are getting what you envisioned. There are no hidden costs and I currently charge £20 per hour for filming and editing. Every project begins with a free consultation where I can get a better idea of what your vision is, discuss you budget and give an estimation for how much the overall fees will be before we even start. Overall costs may depend on factors like the length of the video and whether it is a shot at a single location or in multiple places. I am happy to discuss these further over email or at a consultation! 
So whether you want a short introduction to your company, a highlight of your services or maybe a documentary showing what you have achieved, get in touch to find out more.