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We pride ourselves on creating meaningful and professional relationships with businesses and charities for one-off commissions or for long term projects. All projects begin with a free consultation session so that we can learn more about who you are as a business and the ethos of your company to enable us to create content that you are proud to display to your potential and current customers. We know that it is helpful to have an idea of what things will cost so we've created some packages to help you get started. If none of the packages are quite what you're looking for then get in touch for a quote! 
Download the Summer 2021 Business packages document for an overview or keep reading! All packages include:  A Consultation (face to face or online), one filming session* (additional sessions at £20 per hour), all editing, review of watermarked photos/video, re-edits and final copies. 
*please see the package to find out how long the filming session is.
20-30 Photos for Marketing  or 20-30 Photos for Marketing AND team photoshoot
The Get Started or Get Started + packages are perfect if you are a new business or just looking to up your marketing. In an increasingly digital age, media content is a great way of drawing attention to your business and making a lasting impression. Having a stock of good quality photos for your website, social media and leaflets/brochures is really helpful when you are doing your own advertising. Add a personal feel by using stock photos of your own business, anything from close ups of products you have to photos of the day to day running of your business.The Get Started package includes 30-40 photos which could be products, photos from one of your events or anything else related to your business. If you have a team then go for the Get Started + package for the marketing photos AND a studio or outdoor photoshoot for your team. 
£70 / £90
Ge t Started / Get Started +
Make Your Mark
Photos £70  / Video £90  
20-30 edited photos from an event or launch  OR  3 minute video - 2 hour session
£20 per hour for additional sessions
All events take a lot of planning, regardless of how big or small! Capturing the moment in video or photography is a great way of looking back at your success and having materials to promote future ones. Maybe you have organised a public event, a fundraising event or you are running small events for your business. Whatever it is, don't let that hard work go to waste! We can provide you with a video or photography at £70 for an hours shooting for photography and £90 for video. Please note there is an additional charge of £20 per additional hour. 
Promo Video & Promo +
£90 / £120
Promo Video:  up to 3  hours of filming | up to 3 minute video 
Promo Plus:  up to 4 hours of filming | up to 10 minute video 
Video is a great way of communicating with your clients and audience to start creating that relationship that will keep them coming back to you. Great videos don't need a huge budget to make beautiful and impactful shots that clearly convey your company's ethos and purpose. Go for the Promo Video package if you're looking for a video up to 3 minutes to go on your website, social media or for an advert. If you want slightly longer then go for the Promo + package for up to 10 minutes. All packages come with a free consultation and we'll keep you in the loop at all stages of the process so if we've got some great footage and you'd like to go for a shorter or longer video then we'll never overcharge you!
My Gloucester Nine -  2 min 20
GAFC -  1min 48
St Barnabas Gloucester -  9 min 24
Getting to Know You
30 minute of video content (1 video or split over several). Up to 6 hours of filming
If you want multiple videos or perhaps a documentary or interview in mind then go for the Getting to Know You package for up to 30 minutes of video content. If you don't need a 30 minute feature then why not divide the time into multiple short videos? You could have several videos lined up for social media or perhaps some explainers for your YouTube channel!
One Stop Start Up 
20-30 photos for Marketing,  Team Portraits,  up to 10 minutes of video content , up to  4 hours of filming 
If you're wanting to start your online presence with a bang then go for the One Stop Start up for 30-40 photographs for marketing purposes and a Promotional Video of up to 10 minutes!
All In
20-30 photos for Marketing,  Team Portraits,  up to 30 minutes of video content , up to 6 hours of filming 
The full package, 30-40 marketing photos, team portraits and up to 30 minutes of video content! This is perfect for any business really wanting to make an impression.
Media Rep
£20 per hour